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18 January 2014


Lots of news........

Monday Lunchtime Dance – ‘Reunification’

On Monday lunchtimes, around 40 girls take part in a dance club, choreographing a routine for the upcoming dance show.  This dance is set in 1989, when the Berlin wall finally comes down after 28 years of dividing East and West Berlin.  Finally, friends and families separated by the Wall, can be reunited and we try and capture this celebratory atmosphere in our dance.  The piece is entitled 'Reunification' and I really enjoy this dance as it is so energetic and upbeat.  I think that the dance is becoming effective due to the large number of dancers on the stage creating a real party atmosphere!  
Alice, Year 11

Autobahn dance

Each Thursday after school, around 30 of us, from all years, work together to create a dance to Kraftwerk's "Autobahn", for the forthcoming German Dance show, "Vorsprung durch Dance".   We have taken inspiration from the song title "Autobahn" (meaning motorway), and ourselves become mechanics, drivers and even the cars!  The dance conveys the importance of the car industry to Germany.  

Do come and watch the show in February to see how we have interpreted this theme in creative and quirky ways! 

 Bethan, Year 12