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18 January 2014


Audi 4 Rings Dance
The Audi 4 Rings dance has to be one of my favourite numbers to prepare for.   The use of the hula hoop, to represent the iconic rings, has us particularly excited.  It allows us to challenge ourselves because we have to be more spatially aware whilst dancing, and our timing has to be incredibly precise.  We have the opportunity to try out innovative and new choreography, as most of us have never had a hula hoop as our ‘dance partner’ before!

Our inspiration for this dance are the Audi car adverts, which always have that certain wow factor, and we are lucky enough to have been sponsored by Audi.  The Audi symbol features countless times throughout the dance and has been a great stimulus for choreography.

Through our dance we hope to reflect the spectacle of the German car industry and its importance in German history. We hope to take the audience’s breath away with this intricate piece of choreography, combining dynamic dance moves with dramatic music.

Sophia, Year 11

Beatle Mania”

On Tuesday lunchtimes, girls from every year come to take part in rehearsals for “Beatle Mania”.

Beatle Mania is a rock n’ roll, paired dance.  We were paired with girls whom

we do not normally work with, which has made it much more interesting.

It’s a type of dance that most of us are not familiar with, which makes it much more fun to learn!  It includes lifts, jumps and balances, accompanied by a well-known Beatles’ song in German.  We are all really enjoying rehearsals and can’t wait to perform!

Lucy, Year 9