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1 February 2014

More pupils comment.........

 Beatle Mania Dance

Girls were invited to comment:

This dance class happens every Wednesday lunchtime for year 7-13. The dance is a rock and roll/ jive style of dance inspired by the 1960.  I enjoy doing this dance because we get to create our own pieces of choreography to put into the dance as well as partner work which gets you to be creative and imaginative and it is really good to have your own bits in certain parts of the dance.  It is also fun to be doing a different style of dance, as it is not something I do very often due to the era it is from. I enjoy being able to learn new steps from that time. (Phoebe)

Other comments from the group:

 ·         I like the fact that it combines German and dance. I love the dance choreography!

·         Participating in this dance show has taught me much more about the rock' n role style of dance and has been incredibly fun.  I’ve also learned more German words!" 

 ·         I am very excited and I am enjoying this opportunity I have been given.  I can’t wait until the show.  The outfits are going to be fab and I can’t wait to jump on stage.

·         In the production I really enjoy choreographing with the other girls and then performing our outcome.

 ·         What I like is that a fairly simple dance has been devised: its simplicity is powerful.

·         This experience is not what I had expected.  I have learnt about many aspects of German history that I didn't know, and am still learning them now as we practise.  I am looking forward to the performances, as I haven't done anything like this before and I think this will be very interesting.  I can’t wait to see some of the other dances as well. Thank you for this opportunity!

 ·         I am finding the experience of being part of the German dance show really exciting.  There is such a range of dance styles and we are starting to link all the stories behind each dance together to understand the context that each dance is set in.  My favourite dance is Cabaret, as I love the style and am looking forward to performing it.

 ·         The dances are progressing well and hopefully the show will be a huge success!